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 Hyjal Boss Locations

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PostSubject: Hyjal Boss Locations   Wed Dec 24, 2008 1:54 pm

Wolfy wrote:
Because I've learned that the majority of our players do not appear to like to think for themselves or even discover new things for themselves, I thought that - to save myself answering 1000 OMGWTFBBQ type forum posts or similar in-game spam-messages - I'd post the updated locations where the bosses can be found in Hyjal.

(If you like a but of fun and to explore, or even if you can think for yourself, please feel free to skip this post and move on to something else.)

Note 1: You can ONLY zone into the Human Base (that's the portal on the left when you enter the first part of the instance), the other two zone-in portals (to the Orc and Night Elf Bases) are closed - this is how it's intended - if you want to fight the hardest bosses, get the best loot and complete the instance, then you need to work for it. Very Happy

West of the Human base:

Rage Winterchill: Inside the Ziggaraut (to the right through the gates).
Anetheron: At the bottom of the Crypt (directly straight ahead through the gates).

Note 2: Watch out for the flying Frost Wyrm's, they are mini-bosses and there is at least one flying around each base and more just before Archimonde.
Note 2a: The Frost Wyrm's drop some interesting loot that does not drop (easily) elsewhere in game (including some rare patterns).

East of the Human base:

Kaz'rogal: Along the road (just to the right on the bend).

Azgalor: At the entry to the Horde base.

Archimonde: At the end of the road past the last Night Elf building.

Note 3: There are lots of trash-mobs at the base of the tree, so it's best to stay on the road and follow it around to the end and to Archimonde.
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Hyjal Boss Locations
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